Bop welcomes calls from both young people, parents, members of the community and other service providers

If you are a young person that requires help or support with any issue you can call Sue 'BOP' on 0408 567 010
or email me

Or if you are a service provider that knows a young person that could benefit from intensive one to one support or using our service then please call us.

Night Patrol

Bondi Outreach Project (BOP) currently operates a streetbased welfare outreach service, in the Eastern Suburbs. Our project worker employed 30 hours a week, conducts a Friday night patrol (8pm – 4am) of the areas where the youth currently hang out i.e. parks and beaches, stretching from Double Bay down to Maroubra and beyond we provide information, first aid, food and drink, a listening ear and a safe and secure way of getting home.

Day Service

During the day BOP offers a support service connecting the youth with services and activities in the area. BOP can help out in crisis situations, advocates to ensure you know your rights and offers a free and confidential service to anyone who may need support.
Examples of support – attending court, helping to find accommodation, helping to connect with services that work in education and employment, issues at home or just being their to listen and act as a confident.

Our objectives are to provide:
Information – e.g. Alcohol and drugs, sexual health, activities in the Eastern Suburbs etc

Referral - Referrals to other service providers – e.g. counselling, looking for work, courses etc

Advocacy - Ensuring that you know and understand your rights e.g. getting legal aid, support at the police station and on the streets

Immediate crisis assistance and support – e.g. Help with finding accommodation, legal issues, problems at home, making appointments and transport to and from.